Mechanical Insulation

We offer complete mechanical pipe insulation services.

Heat Trace

Heat trace is available for all pipe insulation applications indoor or outdoor.

Industrial Pipe Insulation

Our team is highly experienced in all forms of industrial pipe insulation.

Keep Your Pipes Insulated

Western Wrap Insulation in Lubbock, TX

provides pipe insulation services to Lubbock and across West Texas. We have been serving Lubbock and its surrounding smaller communities for 20 years and are eager to serve West Texas with the best pipe insulation services. Western Wrap works hard to provide services that go above and beyond. Whether we are brought in during construction to insulate pipes from weather and elements or contacted to repair or service pipes with faulty or nonexistent insulation, Western Wrap provides the best customer service as well as the best insulation around. We offer pipe insulation services for new construction as well as repairs and services for existing pipes both for heat retention and cold retention as well as protection from the weather. If you need pipe insulation services, please get in touch with us today.

What We Do

With ample years of experience

and a history of completing projects on time and within budget, Western Wrap Insulation has a mission to provide top quality pipe wrap insulation services to commercial and industrial customers throughout Texas. We use the best materials and our technicians are second to none in installing the correct pipe insulation to maintain the integrity of your infrastructure. Whether you need pipes wrapped to retain heat or cold for the contents of the pipes, or for protecting them from the elements, our technicians are highly qualified and ready to work to complete your project. If you need hot liquid or steam to move from one end of your facility to the other, we can insulate the pipe to keep the contents hot all the way through. The same is true of refrigerated lines or cold liquid. Our pipe wrap insulation experts can properly insulate your pipes to any application you need. Additionally, we can protect your pipes from environmental elements like hot summer temperatures and freezing winter nights. With proper insulation, you can prevent unnecessary downtime and expensive repairs.

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